Laurie Klein
Laurie Klein Photography

ArdenRocks“When you first meet Laurie Klein you might guess that she helps empower women, but you would never guess her method – Infrared Photography. She is known today as both a successful photographer with a signature style, and an instructor of healing workshops that celebrate women by helping them re-discover their core purpose, strengths, passions and joys. Her life-long commitment to the art of photography began 41 years ago in high school. “I didn’t really discover my passion, my passion discovered me.” Laurie said.

Turning from just taking pretty pictures, Laurie sought to perfect her craft by attending the photography program at R.I.T. and then getting her M.F.A. from Ohio University. Later, Ansel Adams became one of her heroes and mentors. He taught her that discovering her own artistic voice was the gateway to becoming a fine artist.

“Her style is unique, combining a wonderful ability for composition and a sensitivity to her subjects that will carry her to the top of her field. I can’t teach the way she sees and feels!” – Ansel Adams

Today, she is recognized mostly for her signature infrared photography. Her work is held in private collections and museums. She is sought after for her exclusive commissions and extraordinary creativity workshops.”


Charise Isis

DaleNSS200“Isis is a photographer that resides in Kingston NY. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. She has been published in such magazines as “Photography Quarterly (NY), Profifoto magazine (Germany), French photo magazine and featured in NY ARTS magazine. Her work is in the collection of the museum of Fine Arts in Houston and the CPW collection at the Samuel Dorskey Museum, New Paltz, NY. Commercially, she specializes in commissioned portraits, weddings, fashion, boudoir and pin-up photography. Her work has been featured on NBC news, New York City Taxi TV and she has been featured in an interview about photographing pin-up for an article in ‘Elle’, Brazil. Isis seeks to express human beauty in all of its diversity in order to help break down our cultures narrowly defined views of what that means.”


Antoinette Martignoni
Inner Portraits

Anna Portrait NSS“Antoinette Martignoni, a.k.a. Toni Martignoni (born December 8, 1918) is an artist in the personal growth and development movement, who developed the Inner Portrait process that uses art as a self-help means to see hidden personal potential. Martignoni has drawn more than 700 Inner Portraits since 1993. The portraits are in an illustrative style in which people and shapes are easily recognizable with a sub-text of hidden symbols and images. As a self-help technique that incorporates art with personal development, Martignoni developed a process of “reading” the portrait to uncover a story about the subject of the portrait. Making the emotional, spiritual or psychological connection with people is the keystone of the Inner Portrait process.”


Dominick Botticelli

Divine ReciprocityNSSDominick Botticelli, born in New York, is direct descendant of the Early Renaissance painter, Sandro Botticelli. He has been described as a Conceptual Artist, a Symbolic Surrealist and a Philosophical Iconist. A self-taught artist, his body of work spans over 40 years and tells the story of the evolution of human consciousness. In his paintings, Botticelli takes powerful archetypes and icons and manipulates them to illustrate their operation in the human subconscious.  (D. Allen)