Daugthers of the Earth – June 24-26, 2016

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRH_SdCVGKY&inf_contact_key=bcffe683100f441bdc4eefb315c3e760d4f255ca3bfc1aa749f6e886976499fd&app=desktop … [Read more...]

Double Dutch

A good friend commented the other day that these current astrological energies feel a lot like Double Dutch. "You know, when you're intensely watching and waiting for just the right moment to jump in. You move to the rhythm of the ropes until just the right impulse strikes. Yet lately the impulse isn't satisfied. There's been no right time to jump in!" It has been a lot of stop and go energetically. I've certainly been feeling eager to sink my teeth into something tangible, something creative, exciting and expansive. I've had enough of the tasteless, tired, cold and painful energies of the … [Read more...]

It Never Ends!

I love that fired-up feeling I get when I am off to work on a creative project!  So yesterday morning, when my editor and friend informed me that he couldn’t meet at the studio, I felt deflated.  I really wanted to do the work I’d anticipated!  But that wasn’t to happen and I had before me a free morning.  I decided to head out to do some weeding.  As I pulled, clipped, dragged and piled weeds, I noticed that my mind was having a field day of complaining.  I mean I was really going at it – complaining about many aspects of my life.  I turned to see another huge area of weeds I had yet to pull … [Read more...]

Take Time to Find the Divinity Within

I do my best meditating in the bathtub. I fill it with soft bubbles and little crystals of salt.  Soft music plays in the background as a sweet aromatherapy candle calms my senses. The flickering of the light lulls me into my peace. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do this every day; or for that matter, every week. But when I do give myself the gift of a good soak, it is wonderful and enchanting. As the steam rises from the water, I am lifted out of my physical body into the world beyond. My soul floats above me and the words of wisdom enter my conscious mind. Sometimes the words are for me, other … [Read more...]

Focus on the Flowers, not the Weeds

The sun is shining in Connecticut… finally.  It seemed as though the gloom of winter was never going to end.  Winter started early (again) in October. On the wake of Hurricane Sandy, snow hit the northeast in great force. We were covered in the icy flakes as the leaves were still falling from the trees. Now the sun is out. It’s time for us to renew and rebirth – to evolve and grow like the flowers that now spring from the earth. And yet, to mark this spring, we were hit with more terror and atrocities. This month lives were taken randomly during a happy event as mother earth once again … [Read more...]

Beyond the Wounds, Love Prevails

My mother passed six months ago.  Her name was Nedra.   The story goes that when Nedra was around ten years old she told her teacher that when she grew up she was going to have a baby and name her Arden.   What’s most interesting to me is that she had three children before me, and NEVER planned to have another, but for some reason, she waited to use it until she had me!   So my name is my mother’s name spelled backwards!”  It’s been a great source of fun, and almost every time I have shared this fact with people they ask:  “Did she do that on purpose?”   Well, wouldn’t that be one heck of a … [Read more...]