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Drew leads writing workshops, helping clients honor their stories and perceive the meaning and joy in their lives. It’s unique, a breath of fresh air.  From The Writing Project at Teacher’s College to Manhattanville College to Drew’s living room, over the phone and on Skype, Drew has been leading patrons onto the page to discover and hone their unique voices.

Stellar pieces are crafted with ease in these workshops, and each participant leaves every class with a complete piece.  Not only participants create pieces, they naturally rediscover vital parts of themselves. There’s a quiet, unspoken, self-care element to this.  If you’re new to writing, Drew will show you how. If you’ve been at it for years, she’ll help you polish. Fear of writing and writer’s blocks vanish. You’ll delight yourself!

Community is quietly formed. There’s no cross talk as Drew is the only one who responds to the pieces. It’s peaceful, invigorating and safe.  Clients return semester after semester. You’ll find/hone your voice and authenticity as you write.

Writing workshops are ongoing throughout the year. They take place in southwest CT where clients sink into beautifully crafted, professional classes. Those who live too far to drive may call in or Skype from their own cozy nook.   Come enjoy a cup of tea, chocolates and an utterly unique and deeply satisfying workshop with Drew Lamm.


antoinette_interpretationFeatured in Episode One is Antoinette Martignoni, a.k.a. Toni Martignoni (born December 8, 1918). Toni is “an artist in the personal growth and development movement, who developed the Inner Portrait process that uses art as a self-help means to see hidden personal potential. Martignoni has drawn more than 700 Inner Portraits since 1993. The portraits are in an illustrative style in which people and shapes are easily recognizable with a sub-text of hidden symbols and images. As a self-help technique that incorporates art with personal development, Martignoni developed a process of “reading” the portrait to uncover a story about the subject of the portrait. Making the emotional, spiritual or psychological connection with people is the keystone of the Inner Portrait process.”



Anna HustedEpisode Two brings Naked Soul Sisterhood to Saltana Cave in Ridgefield, CT. Owner Anna Husted introduces the Sisters to the benefits of Himalayan salt.

Salt therapy has been widely used for centuries across Europe and Asia to relieve the symptoms of respiratory conditions such as allergies, asthma, COPD, and TB, as well as common colds and the flu.

In Poland around the 1950s, it was observed that miners in salt caves rarely dealt with any respiratory illnesses. Further research revealed this was due to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities of the salt.

In today’s technology-driven world, Anna Husted and her design team have created a salt cave room with the same microclimate that is found in a natural salt mine, bringing the many benefits of salt therapy to the community.

Saltana Cave is located at 590 Danbury Road in Ridgefield, CT.



Naked Soul Sisterhood learned about Active Dreaming from Adelita Chirino. 

In Adelita’s words:adelita

“I’ve had an active relationship to my dream life for over 30 years. I’ve experienced how they’ve helped me, comforted me, disabused me of illusions, scared the pajamas off me and lent me strength. I’ve been blessed with many great guides and teachers on both sides of the dream gates. One of my favorite contemporary waking life teachers is Robert Moss, whose work is a wonderful resource for dream explorers. I studied with Robert for a number of years; the video company I own with Jim Cookman, Psyche Productions, produced an eight program DVD series, “The Way of the Dreamer with Robert Moss” in which he teaches his Active Dreaming method. ( or Amazon.)

My undergraduate degree is in literature from the U of Rochester; I also have graduate training in psychotherapy and spiritual counseling. For over twenty years, I’ve taught dream play to a variety of groups of all ages.”


Guests are:

Celebrities, who have an opportunity to be themselves and get to the heart
of the matter. The Sisters laser-in on what needs healing or realignment,
and find just the right way to do it!

Or Guest Sisters may be Everywoman like:

  • A woman with 3 little kids who just needs some time to herself.
  • An entrepreneur just starting her first business.
  • A VP from a Fortune 500 company who’s been all work, no play
  • A woman recovering from breast cancer surgery
  • A woman who is celebrating her 1st year free from substance abuse
  • A military wife who’s a great support to her husband as they go from station
  • to station, but who needs some support herself.
  • A soldier who needs to step out of her regimen for some SoulSister time.