What is a Sister?

She’s a new kind of diva, full of herself and her own beauty, she’s feisty, has gusto and a playful spirit. Ageless and timeless she knows what she wants and goes after it. She lives her life with passion - professionally and personally. She is the Queen of Herself, the Center of Her Universe – and she wants you to be a diva too! Diva: Divinely Inspired Virago Activated! Virago: a woman of great strength and courage!

winds Sisters are funny, insightful, intelligent – fiercely loyal.

They seek out adventures that ignite the spirit. By nature, they reach out to other women. The Sisters get to the heart-of-the matter with a guest (celebrity or “everywoman”) to discover in what way she is blocked from her own power. Then, they find just the right adventure to inspire and heal. In the course of the show, through adventure and the Sister’s infectious energy, a new Sister emerges..

grail It’s time to fuel the inner fire.

We all live day to day lives. We have jobs, school, families and loved ones, we buy groceries, pay bills – but we know that there’s a subterranean part of ourselves that runs beneath all that we do. There’s a sense of purpose that cannot be ignored – if it is, there are consequences. We can sense an inner self that is beyond day-to-day living. This part of us needs our attention, it needs fuel!

3 women Shine your unique Beauty and Light.

The Naked Soul Sisterhood wants to see every woman shine her own unique beauty and light, because the world needs us now, the planet needs us - the men, the children and the women we love need us. We know that this is not a solo journey. We mirror each other, and come alive in each other’s open- hearted embrace. We want to see you SHINE!