Upcoming Episodes!

Dale Allen presents her In Our Right Minds™ at THE UNITED NATIONS 57th Commission on the Status of Women.  In a world that wages war over religion and sanctions the subjugation of the feminine with cultural and religious tradition, Dale Allen presents a look at our collective pre-literate history and a world that celebrates the feminine face of the divine.  The goddess goes global in this unprecedented U.N. event from Montage Initiative!  In Our Right Minds by Dale Allen: Guiding Women to their Strength as Leaders, Leading Men to Strength without Armor.

Dale and Arden experience a workshop with Robert Moss, Creator of Active Dreaming and author of Conscious Dreaming, The Secret History of Dreaming, Dreamgates and The Three “Only” Things.

Upcoming Adventures of the Naked Soul Sisterhood

The Sisters journey to:

A Snake Priestesses, who drapes them in Boa Constrictors. Each woman pushes past a common fear and into harmony with ancient feminine power.

A class on Sensual Pleasure – feeling hot, hot, hot!

A skilled psychic reader for insight, clarity and validation of the intuitive intelligence.

The Red Tent, for henna tattooing and deep dialogue.

Kauai to learn the art and meaning of sacred hula dancing.

Florida to swim with dolphins.

Ecstatic bonfire dancing to the power of thirty wildwomen drummers.

Rituals of healing and freedom.

Beach picnics with beloved husbands, lovers, children.

The Grail Lady Spa, designed as a medieval castle where the Sisters can embrace “The Queen of Myself.”

A Taste of Tantra event to learn about sacred sex methods and rituals.

A women’s sweat lodge – safe, gentle, grounded and an amazing experience!

Ancient Goddess-worship locations around the world where celebrations continue.

These juicy experiences inspire, heal, surprise, titillate and educate, leaving audiences to connect with a “Did you see what the Sisters did last night?”